Coastal Management Group LLC


Coastal Management Group LLC provides confidential investment management and consulting  services to Pensions , individuals , profit sharing plans, trusts, estates, charitable organizations and small businesses.

Our company and its award winning managers  provide  cutting edge risk analysis for your plans and portfolios utilizing hedge fund management strategies previously unavailable to individuals . In addition we provide  advanced structured investment strategies to institutions, small business pension plans as well as  State and Municipal  Plans without charging 2% and 20% .  Our goal is to bring Conservative hedging techniques to everyone at reasonable costs. With our partners we can now implement hedged strategies providing range of defined outcomes for all  institutional accounts, pension funds  and accredited investors without the hedge fund fee structure. Asset management services include SMA's , Fund or Trust product customization  and ETF expertise . We also  provide derivatives valuation and  manage investment advisory accounts ; CMG LLC furnishes various other levels of investment advice through consultations.

CMG LLC  also provides portfolio consulting and customization services to high net worth individuals and institutions using proprietary risk evaluation analysis to determine the most optimal portfolios for achieving client goals.




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