Coastal Management Group Announces Formation of Beach Street Financial Services and Appointment of John D. Liberator as Partner

Narragansett, Rhode Island, January 21, 2014: Coastal Management Group (CMG) today announced the formation of Beach Street Financial Services, a division of CMG which will provide an array of cutting-edge retirement solutions for both individuals and public-entity pension funds across the United States. Michael Riley, CMG’s Founding Partner, said, “Beach Street will provide groundbreaking, low volatility investment products for individuals and governments which are transparent, liquid, low cost, and in great demand in the current investment climate.” Riley added, “I would also like to introduce CMG’s newest Partner, John D. Liberator, who will be our Partner in charge of Beach Street—John has been an investor and colleague of CMG’s since 2008. For many years a trial lawyer in private practice, John thereafter founded and for years operated a highly successful Bermuda-domiciled company in the mergers and acquisitions business--an affiliate of a large publicly traded insurance and financial services entity--and more recently has served as an arbitrator for the SEC and FINRA. Accordingly, John’s legal, regulatory, financial industry, and executive experience makes him a perfect fit for CMG and Beach Street.” Mr. Liberator said, “I am pleased to be more formally joining my friends at CMG—just as with the other divisions of CMG, I fully expect Beach Street will meet the rising market demand for its innovative investment products head on and will be a very successful venture.”