Portfolio design is constantly evolving, are you?

It’s 2019, the bull market is extended, advisor competition is fierce, fee compression is driving down revenue, and clients are expecting you to deliver. How do you differentiate yourself? There are the staples, excellent service and client communication, events, seminars, and those can certainly work to help develop your advisor client relationships. Portfolio wise there’s active, passive, tactical, etc. However, you’re not the only advisor doing that. What differentiates you in asset management and portfolio allocation? What value are you going to add when the rubber meets the road and your clients open their statements? Clients move money when the markets are volatile. Many advisors are dialing back client expectations, but are you dialing up your value? This creates opportunity for the discerning advisor. Set yourself up for success and let us help you create value for your clients that will set you apart from the rest by capitalizing on our expertise. With over 40 years of experience including ETF creation, options, arbitrage, risk management, and market structure, our proficiency is unmatched. Set yourself up for success in 2019 and increase your value. Contact us today.

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