For over a decade, we have led the effort to permanently change the face of investing. We have been at the forefront of bringing some of the most advanced risk management and techniques once reserved for Wall Street to investors like you.


Our Mission

Obviously, the market is currently overloaded with financial services firms--bank or larger institution affiliated entities, as well as smaller independent firms--each proclaiming to be best suited to invest and manage a client’s money.  Choosing the correct investment management firm is as important a decision any individual or entity will ever make.  Unfortunately, it is also amongst the most difficult to get right.  Selecting the entity to trust with this most important of duties requires thoughtful analysis and consideration to get it right.  Accordingly, to assist in that important analysis, the following is a concise summary--just three simple reasons--why Coastal Management Group (CMG) is the correct choice in today’s investment climate:

1.      EXPERIENCE AND SUCCESS—Volatile markets have been the norm for nearly a decade and many expect that trend to continue for years to come.  The principals of CMG have amassed decades of experience successfully maneuvering through these markets and producing steady and, over time, unmatched returns for their clients and for themselves.  And, importantly, the strategies and products utilized by CMG are specifically designed to produce these same steady and unmatched returns in markets where volatility is often the norm.

2.      PRODUCTS AND A PLAN—CMG utilizes products and a plan that are, quite simply, better than the others which float through today’s market.  Our strategies are designed to generate a more predictable return on investment with more limited risk and with greater built-in protections.  Our defined income investing strategy--once available only to large institutions and high net worth individuals through costly and illiquid investments--are now readily accessible to our clients through cost effective, transparent and liquid investing strategies.  In sum, our strategies and products produce both meaningful protections and return levels, thereby creating a more predictable, controlled and satisfactory investment experience.

3.      OUR COMMITMENT—Quite simply, we commit to do for our clients what we’ve already accomplished to date for ourselves and many others:  to protect and create wealth through our experience in both steady and volatile markets by utilizing the products and strategies with long and proven records of success.

Any individual or entity looking for the highest quality investment manager in today’s investing world would be prudent to consider the many extraordinary benefits of first evaluating and then teaming up with the principals of CMG. 

Our clientele is unique, and an illustration of the value CMG brings. Not only do we partner with the individual investor, we also service individual advisors looking to increase their alpha, various other institutional investors, as well as pension funds.

Contact us today and see the difference we have to offer.

What We've Achieved

  • 2008 Lipper Hedge Fund Award

    • Narragansett Multi-Strategy Fund LLC as managed by Coastal Management Group LLC was presented the 2009 North American Best Hedge Fund over 3 Years award.

  • 2009 Lipper Hedge Fund Award

    • Narragansett Fund LLC as managed by Coastal Management Group LLC was presented the 2008 Lipper Hedge Fund Award for Multi-Strategy Funds.